How Can I Prepare My Kids for School This Year?

There’s no doubt about it—this school year is different. It’s a reality that things will look and feel different. For one, Philadelphia schools are learning virtually for at least the near future.

So, how can you help your kids navigate the new school year and find success? Our team at AFC Urgent Care Northern Liberties has some suggestions.

How Can I Help My Child Prepare?

In a “normal” year, the last days before school begins are filled with last-minute school supply runs to get a backpack and other necessary items. Your preparation this year is a little different.

There will be new processes and procedures in place, and change can be hard for kids. (And adults, too!) But you can play an important role in helping your child prepare and find success.

How to Help Your Child

  • Away from your child, review the materials provided by the school related to processes.
  • Process your own feelings and emotions away from your child and ask questions if needed for clarification.
  • Once you can present the information in a positive light, share it with your child.
  • Maintain a positive outlook, even when things seem challenging for your child—or for you.

How Can I Help My Child Prepare Health-Wise?

Even if your child isn’t headed back into an actual classroom, it’s still important to make sure he or she is in optimal health.

A back-to-school checkup can help with that, allowing a doctor to identify whether there are any underlying physical or mental health issues that could disrupt learning.

Other Ways to Help Your Child Prepare

  • Set up a designated school space filled with supplies and a power outlet.
  • Ensure your child has an ergonomically comfortable desk setup to make schoolwork more comfortable.
  • Choose headphones that keep noise at a healthy level.
  • Determine screen time guidelines before school begins, since screens will be a part of school work.
  • Set aside times throughout the day for movement.

Need to get the kids their back-to-school checkups? Stop by AFC Urgent Care Northern Liberties today! We’re taking every precaution to keep you safe during this time.

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