Safety Tips for Holiday Celebrations During COVID-19

Celebrating the holidays with family and friends is something that we all look forward to year after year. Most families have holiday traditions they incorporate into their celebrations, but this year has come with a unique set of challenges that may force some of those traditions to be modified. COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise in many areas of the country and traditional celebrations provide the perfect opportunity for an outbreak to occur. Luckily, you can still celebrate as long as you make a few easy adjustments to keep everyone safe!

Food Serving Safety

Holiday celebrations typically include a buffet style for food and drinks, allowing each guest to serve themselves. While this is more convenient, it also increases the risk of cross contamination of the virus. If one person who has COVID-19 touches the serving dish and utensils, everyone who touches those items after them risks exposure to the virus. The safest way to serve food this year is to assign one person to serve everyone. That person should wear a mask while serving and wash their hands frequently.

Who Should Attend?

Even though holiday celebrations can be safe if they’re done right, they aren’t safe for everyone. Individuals who are considered high-risk due to age or health factors should not attend any holiday celebrations. Instead, offer a virtual version of your celebration so high-risk friends and family members are able to join in on the fun while staying safe! People who are uncomfortable following COVID-19 guidelines should stay home as well to avoid exposing the rest of the guests who are trying to be safe and have fun.

Keeping Guests Safe

The more you prepare the better! Stock your celebration with plenty of extra face masks and hand sanitizer to ensure everyone is staying as safe as possible. Hosting your celebration outdoors is ideal, but if it has to be indoors you should find a venue that allows plenty of room for 6-foot social distancing between guests.

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