Why Is There Another COVID-19 Wave?

Health experts predicted that there would be a second wave of rising Coronavirus infections if people didn’t maintain proper social distancing. As it turned out, they were right. The phenomenon of travelers going on flights and cruises without following effective prevention measures has exacerbated the infection rate. COVID-19 has grown deadlier due to people’s carelessness. …

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Traveling Safely During a Pandemic

As lockdowns are easing up everywhere, and countries are considering reopening, you might wonder if it is safe to travel. While globetrotting is nearly impossible during the pandemic, it is still possible to enjoy a quiet, cozy, and safe getaway. Let’s find out how. Practice caution We recommend that you opt for trips that are …

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Is Airplane Travel Safe During the Pandemic?

Have you been anxious lately and want to visit your loved ones? We are sure the global coronavirus crisis is making you wonder whether or not you should fly. To determine its answer, it is best if you consider and ask yourself the following questions. 1) Are coronavirus cases spreading at the destination you want …

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